Is Your Child Suffering from Hearing Loss?
By Children's Ear, Nose and Throat Associates
December 02, 2016
Category: ENT
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Find out if the symptoms your child is displaying could be trying to warn you of hearing loss.

You want your child to grow up healthy and happy--all parents do! Of course, there are some bumps along the way that may have you hearing lossworried about your little one. While hearing loss isn’t typically a common issue in children, it can still happen. Our CENTA audiologists and ENTs can tell you some of the warning signs and symptoms indicating that your child could be dealing with hearing problems.

As you may be able to imagine, it’s often easier to be able to pinpoint hearing problems in a child who can already talk, since they are more likely to be able to tell you that there is something going on. Regardless, here are some guidelines to follow that should help parents figure out if their child is dealing with hearing loss:

  • Your child doesn’t always respond or seem like they are listening to what you say.
  • They need to have the volume on the TV louder than other members of the household.
  • Your child often needs you to repeat what you said or says “What” a lot.
  • Your child is having issues in school and a teacher may say that it seems as if they aren’t listening or responding properly in the classroom.
  • Your child really focuses on you when you speak, staring at you intently or looking for visual cues to help them understand what you are saying.
  • Your child has started to speak more loudly than usual.

If your child is showing any of these issues or you are concerned that they may have hearing loss, then you need to contact our CENTA audiologists and ENTs for an evaluation. Call Children's Ear, Nose, Throat & Allergy in Maitland and Orlando, FL to schedule an appointment for your little one.