Hearing Testing/Audiology

Our practice offers a full spectrum of testing, evaluation and treatment options for the management of childhood hearing loss and related disorders. Testing is based on the unique needs of children of any age. Pediatric trained professionals perform all testing in a medically supervised setting. A listing of conditions we treat and services we provide are included below.

When scheduling your child’s appointment, please let the receptionist know whether you think your child will need a hearing test.

Hearing Loss and Related Conditions We CommonlyTreat:

Otitis Media (ear infections)
Eustachian tube dysfunction
Congenital Hearing Loss
Progressive Hearing Loss
Conductive Hearing Loss
Sensorineural Hearing Loss
Central Auditory Processing Disorder

Types of Testing and Evaluation Services Offered:

Audiometry (Standard/Play/Visual Reinforced)
Otoacoustic Emission
Custom ear protection for noise and swimming
Infant Hearing Testing

We offer second opinion, medical record review and medico-legal opinion services for complex cases and can provide important feedback for your child’s school Audiologist, Speech-Language Pathologist, Psychologist, or other professionals.